Community Impact Project Photos



2011 Habitat for Humanity's Women's Build CIP:

From left to right:

Amber Hutchinson (Active Member), Jenelle Baker (Active Member), Lauren Kafin (Spring Provisional), Chrissy Stephens (Spring Provisional), Holly Mantle (2010-2011 JLIR President), Deborah Martella (Active Member), Tiffany Sweeney (Active Member)




From left to right: Amber Hutchinson, Jenelle Baker and Deborah Martella hanging siding on one of the three houses under construction.









From left to Right: Chrissy Stephens & Lauren Kafin laying roof shingles on one of three homes under construction.












Tiffany Sweeney helping to build interior walls on one of three homes under construction.















2010 Fall Provisional CIP with The Source:


The Junior League crew from left to right: Holly Mantle (2010-2011 President), Cara Chancellor (Provisional), Anna Gibbs (Active Member), Deborah Martella (Provisional), Lori Higdon (Provisional), Sara Beth Kennedy(Provisional), Jenelle Baker (Active Member), Tiffany Sweeney (Active Member), (peeking from behind) Sara Jones (Provisional) and Amy Colclough (Active Member).







Junior League Ladies with Ladies from The Source.











Provisionals with ladies from The Source.









Junior League member, Juli Goldstein with ladies from The Source.









Guest Motivational Speaker talking to League members and The Source Ladies about resume` building and interviewing tips.







2010 Zen in the Den CIP:

2010 Zen in Den CIP 01


The fantastic crew for our Zen in the Den experience at Hibiscus Children's Center on November 21st, 2010.

From top left to bottom right: Elizabeth Stegenga (JLIR), Rebecca Emmons (JLIR), Gina Battle (Faith Hope and Chocolate), Sienna Battle (daughter of Gina Battle), Sabrina Carpenter (Perfected Pen), Sharon LeVan (JLIR), Shelley Adelle (Yoga Instructor), Kris Gault (JLIR) and Deborah Martello (JLIR).


Gina Battle of Faith, Hope and Chocolate of Vero Beach, and daughter, Siena Battle prepare for the chocolate tasting portion of the day.













Sabrina Carpenter of Perfected Pen talks to the girls about keeping a journal.














Shelley Adelle, yoga instructor, is giving the girls a lesson in beginner's yoga.









More fun with yoga.














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