Woman of the Year

Mark your calendars for the

2014 Woman of the Year event!

APRIL 30th, 2014

The Moorings Club at 11:30 a.m.

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The 2013 Woman of the Year Awards Luncheon was held on April 24, 2013, at 11:30am at the Moorings Club

Woman of the Year recognizes women in Indian River County who have made outstanding contributions to our community.  All proceeds from this event support Junior League of Indian River’s ongoing programs such as Whole Child Indian River, which connects families to services available in our community.

Congratulations to all the nominees and the 2013 Woman of the Year, Cynthia Falardeau!

Junior League President Tiffany Sweeney, Woman of the Year Cynthia Falardeau and Event Chair Erin Grall

Business/Professional Nominees
Amy Banov
Amy Brunjes
Jennifer Peshke
Joanne Quaile
Sandra Rennick
Joanne Sardella
Susan Schuyler Smith
Jane Schwiering
Meredith VanVeen

Civic/Non-Profit Professional Nominees
Linda Downey
Cynthia Falardeau
Julia Keenan
Michelle Malyn
Kelly C. Sartain
Leslie Rossway Swan
Heidi Turk, DMD

Volunteer Nominees
Linda Colontrelle
Ann Marie McCrystal
Burke Michael-Neely
Barbara Morgan
Marta Schneider

Rising Star
Becca Cosgrove
Savannah Geary
Karly Krasnow
Grace Heath Thomas
Tristan Worthington

Junior League President Tiffany Sweeney, Volunteer WOTY Marta Schneider, 2013 WOTY Cynthia Falaradeau, Business/Professional WOTY Meredith VanVeen, Rising Star WOTY Karly Krasnow, Junior League President Elect Michelle Servos

The Criteria for Nomination

A Woman of the Year nominee is a woman who:

  • demonstrates high ethical standards personally,
  • is a recognized role model,
  • has a strong sense of community responsibility, and
  • is outstanding in her contributions within Indian River County

The Categories for Nomination

The four categories in which a woman can be nominated for Woman of the Year are (all will be honored in a program and at the event, one will be selected as the finalist):

  • Business/Professional - A woman who is self-employed or employed by a for-profit business or corporation. She is recognized for her outstanding service in her field and significant contributions to the community through her profession.
  • Civic/Professional - A woman who is employed by a non-profit or community organization funded primarily by municipal, county, state or federal grants or funds donated by the general public. Her contributions to the community take place in this arena.
  • Volunteer - A woman who has a history of an outstanding, continuing commitment to her community through her volunteer services.
  • Rising Star - A young woman between the ages of 17 and 25 who demonstrates outstanding commitment to her field of employment and/or community with fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

The Selection Process

The selection process used to choose the finalist is: 

  • In an effort to create a fair and impartial process, judges from outside of Indian River County shall select one award recipient per category, basing selection upon the information submitted in the Nominator Summary and the Nominee Profile Form.  The Woman of the Year will be chosen from among the finalists in each category.
  • Only the first fifteen (15) completed nominations in each category shall be considered.  Junior League of Indian River reserves the right to review nominations and place nominees in the appropriate award category. Whether the Nominator Summary and/or Nominee Profile Form are complete shall be at the sole discretion of Junior League of Indian River.
  • Junior League of Indian River active members may not nominate other Junior League active members. Junior League active and sustaining members, nominees and nominators for the 2013 awards are not eligible to be judges.




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